A Cookie Named Desire

Easy and no-bake!

Interested in a completely decadent and utterly delicious s'mores pie? This no-bake cream pie recipe is perfect for you. It'll be a huge hit for any occasion.

Buttery graham crust, creamy chocolate pudding, and airy meringue make the perfect pie

Make your graham cracker crust


This buttery crust is perfect for getting exact slices of your pie.

Chocolate Pudding Time


Next, make your creamy chocolate filling. It should be rich and full of rich chocolate flavor.

Chill Out


Put your pie in the fridge for a few hours to chill and set properly for the best slices and texture

Make Meringue


Finish the pie by piling on a cloud of meringue and toast.

I recommend making both well in advance from when you want to serve the pie.   Chill the pudding in a container, then add the filling to your crust and allow it to chill for at least 30 minutes more.


You don't have to make the meringue or the pie crust. Store-bought pie crusts also work. You can also use regular marshmallows to top and toast on your pie