Chai-spinced apple pie coffee cake with chai crumb - perfect with a cup of coffee or tea

Chai-Spiced Apple Coffee Cake with Chai Crumb

Because we are friends, I am going to admit something to you: for the longest time, I hated coffee cake. It wasn't because of the taste or texture; it was because of the name. Coffee cake. When I hear coffee cake, I think of a cake, usually a bundt cake, flavored with a rich coffee flavor. And of course, the reality is that when people talk about coffee cake, they mean this crumb-topped cake you eat with your coffee. To me, that was deceitful and limiting. I didn't like coffee (to this day, I can only tolerate only certain kinds of coffee drinks), did that mean I couldn't enjoy it with my hot chocolate? As I grew older, I realized that I was being a little silly about the whole thing and allowed myself to enjoy coffee cake without a side of bitterness and came to find myself adoring the dessert. Especially that crumb. Oh, that crumb is amazing. Which is why there is a lot of ...

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shashuka recipe

Shashuka Recipe

If you haven't guessed it already, I am so in love with Fridays. It's the day where I do all my grocery shopping for that weekend's bake-fest. It's ...

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Rosemary Bergamot Cookies | @cookiedesire

Rosemary Bergamot Cookies

I don't think I ever realized how wonderful shortbread cookies were until I met my friend Vall. They way she enjoyed food was in such a


Friday Food Love

Source Pound Cake Churros - Holy yum. Chicken Bamboo Stir Fry - I can't belive how delicious this looks. Overnight Cider Pumpkin Waffles

Super Green Smoothie | @cookiedesire

Avocado Super Green Smoothie Recipe

It's Friday!! And that means it is the second week of sharing something a little healthier with you and my new friends over at Homegrown and Healthy.


Food Love

Source Oh my goshhhh I totally forgot to do some food sharing in a while. So sorry! I've been so busy the past week that I kinda, sorta forgot.