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Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers and Dessert Lovers

So instead of boggling you down with a ton of recipes this week, I thought I would mix things up a bit with a holiday gift guide for bakers and dessert lovers in your life! Or you know, gifts for yourself because you deserve it! *Note: Some of these links may be affiliate links     KitchenAid 5Qt Artisan Series with Pouring Shield - Price as low as $285 on Amazon, depending on color. For the longest time, I've been baking without a KitchenAid in my own home. I've actually taken to borrowing my grandmother's KitchenAid (which is the exact one you see in the picture) and it is a workhorse! You can't ask for anything more in a stand mixer, plus with all the attachments available, you can pretty much make anything. Rest assured, this is on my own wishlist this year!   Bouchon Bakery - $25.80 on Amazon This is an absolute must-have in any baker's ...

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These baked plum spice doughnuts are seriously to die for! Not to mention perfect for the holidays.

Plum Spice Doughnuts

Confession: I am a shopaholic. Seriously, there is nothing I love more than some retail therapy. Even if it's just a quick trip to the shop to pick up


Friday Food Love (on Saturday)

Source Ugh, I did it again and totally spaced on Friday's Food Love post. At least by only a day. I'll share some extra goodness with you to make up

Oh my gosh, these quinoa and feta stuffed mushrooms are to die for! Great for snacking and parties.

Quinoa and Feta Stuffed Mushrooms

There is something I am going to tell you, and it is going to be hard to say. I have grey hair.... and I am only 27. Okay, I said it. It didn't

pomegranate curd recipe

Pomegranate Curd Recipe

I am breaking up my usual post schedule to share a quick recipe for pomegranate curd. Keep this recipe tucked away because you will need it tomorrow


Friday Food Love!

Source Happy Halloween! In celebration of my favorite holiday, and to disctract you from the fact that I totally spaced on making Halloween recipe