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Pretzel-y Pizza Rolls

This past weekend, I was trying to perfect my puff pastry. It's one of those things I think is a simple enough process, but I always end up messing it up somehow. So far, every attempt was acceptable and deliciously edible, but it lacked that super flaky crust that I love so much. I am drowning in puff pastry though, so I used a few sheets to whip up these pretzel-y pizza rolls for lunch and they were so nommmm nommm noommmm GOOD!!! But everything is good when you make them all nice and pretzel-y. When I was in elementary school and learned about King Midas and his golden touch, I was convinced that I would be perfectly happy if everything I touch turned to pepperoni pizza. To be more specific, I wanted all solid things to turn into pizza and all liquids to turn into hot chocolate. These days, I wish that everything I touched suddenly became calorie-free. Especially ...

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Friday Food Love

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Addictively gooey s'mores candy cups. Perfect for camping.. or even #halloween!

Gooey S’mores Candy Cups

Yes, you heard me. Gooey. S'mores. Candy. Cups. They are kinda like peanut butter cups, except with yummy S'mores goodness. If you've seen my


Friday Food Love!

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shashuka recipe

Shashuka Recipe

If you haven't guessed it already, I am so in love with Fridays. It's the day where I do all my grocery shopping for that weekend's bake-fest. It's