Cheddar pumpkin sage scones - what a deliciously awesome way to enjoy my favorite fall flavors.

Cheddar Pumpkin Sage Scones

  I originally planned on sharing some pretzel pizza rolls with you today, but then I made these cheddar pumpkin sage scones this weekend and man oh man, I really needed to post them for you now. I originally made these scones as a savory option and they are so good as a savory scone (that's what you see here), but then I also made them sweet and oh my gosh, they were phenomenal!!! It's hard for me to decide which I like best. I recommend making them both and deciding for yourself. Chances are you will end up in the same predicament as I. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I was snacking on one of these scones with a hot mug of sweet cinnamon apple tea. It was pure autumn perfection. All I needed to do was put on some cute brown boots and one of my favorite Raj Imports scarves and I would be the picture of fall suburban life. And I am so okay with that as long as ...

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shashuka recipe

Shashuka Recipe

If you haven't guessed it already, I am so in love with Fridays. It's the day where I do all my grocery shopping for that weekend's bake-fest. It's ...

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Rosemary Bergamot Cookies | @cookiedesire

Rosemary Bergamot Cookies

I don't think I ever realized how wonderful shortbread cookies were until I met my friend Vall. They way she enjoyed food was in such a


Friday Food Love

Source Pound Cake Churros - Holy yum. Chicken Bamboo Stir Fry - I can't belive how delicious this looks. Overnight Cider Pumpkin Waffles

Super Green Smoothie | @cookiedesire

Avocado Super Green Smoothie Recipe

It's Friday!! And that means it is the second week of sharing something a little healthier with you and my new friends over at Homegrown and Healthy.