A healthy and delicious "almond butter and jelly" granola you're gonna want to munch on all day

Almond Butter & Jelly Granola Recipe

  Dobroye utro, friends! I am totally back on track with eating healthy and working out and I've got to tell you, i feel really great! I don't want to jinx myself, but I've been able to get a good workout almost every day since last Thursday and I am starting to feel like I am getting back to my old self. Believe it or not, besides my love of all desserts and breakfasts, I used to be very particular about what I would eat and I was always super active. By the time I got back to America during my pregnancy, I was super picky about what I would eat. For the first couple of days, I would only eat prunes my sister's friends brought over. Everything was processed or loaded in salt and I wanted nothing to do with it. Eventually I caved and ended up eating what everyone else was and ended up gaining some extra weight I was able to hide under the guise of "baby weight" As soon as ...

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Sunday Recipe Wrap Up

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Food Love

 Source Speculoos Swirl Meringues - Oh my gosh, this is so delicious looking! Mini Mexican Chocolate Bundt Cakes - Can I take three? Roasted

A light and delicious take on the baklava

Baklava Crepe Cake

When I first moved in with my fiancee in London, the first dessert I made for him was baklava. It was hurried and I ran out of nuts and used too much

What a combination! These beer pretzel caramels are highly addictive and make a great any time gift

Beer Pretzel Caramels

I first met Vlad in 2006 or 2007, just before the start of my summer break from university. He was the manager of a clothing store in Richmond, where


Sunday Recipe Wrap Up

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Food Love

  Source Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is going great! I just stocked up on some ingredients since my local grocery store is going out

A ridiculously delicious chocolate nut cereal with candied chestnuts and marshmallowy meringue kisses

Chocolate Nut Cereal

Back when I was living in London with Vlad, we had his two children on the weekends. Vlad was never really into breakfast early in the morning and