Chocolate peanut butter banana bread

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Guys, this bread. Oh my gosh, this bread. It rules my kitchen right now. It's the bread that everyone begs for day in and day out. It's that chocolaty peanut buttery banana-y goodness from which dreams are freaking made. I cannot get over how much I love this bread. Before I start really talking about the bread, I wanted to throw in quick update that I forgot to mention earlier. I had my little get together with my friends and it was really well. The sparkling wine and profiteroles were a huge hit. I went simple with the food and served prosciutto, melon, tapenade, crusty bread, and all the regular appetizer small party type of food. It was really good to see everyone and have some adult time together. I really want to try and do stuff like that more often! Originally, this bread wasn't even supposed to make it to the blog. After I tasted it and my family tried it, we all knew I had ...

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Food Love

 Source So last week I did not even attempt to write up a post be cause it my my baby's... I mean my totally grown up four year old's birthday. We


Blueberry Lavender Galette

I've been obsessing over blueberries lately. If you look at all my recipe ideas, you will see about half of them feature blueberries. Ever since I was

birthday cake smoothie

Birthday Cake Smoothie

  I am in a serious birthday-celebrating mood right now. You see, my daughter is turning four years old tomorrow. Four years old!!!! I can't


Brown Butter Lavender Madeleines

I've been on a bit of a brown butter kick. Seriously though, everything should be made with brown butter because it makes everything taste phenomenal.

S'mores pull apart bread

S’mores Pull Apart Bread

Imma be honest with you because I tell you everything about me already - even if you don't wanna hear it. I completely forgot I made this bread. It's


Food Love

Source Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream via Sift & Whisk - Love. Black Sesame Matcha Doughnuts via The Little Epicurean -  So much matcha