Coffee Oreo Ice Cream Recipe

Coffee Oreo Ice Cream

Oh my gosh, what a week we had. It seemed to go by so fast. A couple of days ago, I let the dog out, but had to run to N’s gymnastics class. I left the dog outside since she wasn’t finished and assumed someone would let her in. Although the dog isn’t my responsibility, I’ve been the only one taking care of her, but you’d think someone would think to let the dog in at some point, right? Apparently not. When I got home an hour later, I went to greet the dog, but she wasn’t where she normally likes to hang out. I went outside to call her in, but she isn’t there. Finally, everyone starts asking where she is and it is obvious no one knows where the heck the dog went. We all assumed she must’ve gotten out somehow. I did suspect something else must have happened because there were no signs of her digging under the fence, and I’ve seen this dog jump before, there was no way she could’ve jumped ...

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Food Love

   The weekend is finally here! I'm so excited, but I feel like it's already going by too fast. I spent my Friday night drinking some wine ...

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Mango kiwi lemonade

Mango Kiwi Lemonade Popsicles

I freaking love popsicles. Isn’t it obvious?  I feel like I’ve made so many popsicles already this year, and I still have so many more I want to make.


Food Love

   So last week I completely forgot to write a post because we had to go to a First Holy Communion. I'm not religious, so it's been ages

Enjoy mini berry citrus cupcakes at your next summer BBQ

Mini Berry Citrus Cupcakes

Every summer, my family would through barbecues on nearly every nice summer evening. We would make burgers, chicken, corn, and a variety of salad.

Raspberry Nutella Swirl Bread

Nutella and Raspberry Swirl Bread

I am a certified Nutella fanatic and carboholic. Really, I have the certificates hanging on the wall by the staircase. Okay, that’s not true,


Food Love

   Guys, I just wanted to ask you really quick: what's the best way to ship a Kitchen Aid across the country? I kind of want to put it in my