Friday Food Love

 Source Chinese Zucchini Pancakes - These look so good! Winter Squash Soup - I love the warm flavors of this soup! Sweet Potato Bundt Cake - This is gorgeous, simple to make and looks incredibly delicious! Gingerbread & Chocolate Meringues - These look divine! Chocolate Hazelnut Liquor Turnovers - Gorgeous! Kale & Quinoa Skillet with Mushrooms and Herbs - I could totally eat that whole skillet on my own. Pumpkin Mousse Cruller Black-Bottomed Tart - Oh my gosh, get my a fork, stat! Chocolate German Pancake with Raspberries and Whipped Cream - Is it breakfast time, yet? Godiva Chocolate Truffle Eggnog - This looks so decadent and comforting Brown Butter Apple Bars - I'd love to have one of these cozied up in a sweater and a cup of tea. Balkan Baklava - Baklava is my favorite Eggnog Pudding Cake - I need more eggnog in my liffffee! Pumpkin Spice ...

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Friday Food Love (on Saturday)

Source Ugh, I did it again and totally spaced on Friday's Food Love post. At least by only a day. I'll share some extra goodness with you to make up

Oh my gosh, these quinoa and feta stuffed mushrooms are to die for! Great for snacking and parties.

Quinoa and Feta Stuffed Mushrooms

There is something I am going to tell you, and it is going to be hard to say. I have grey hair.... and I am only 27. Okay, I said it. It didn't

pomegranate curd recipe

Pomegranate Curd Recipe

I am breaking up my usual post schedule to share a quick recipe for pomegranate curd. Keep this recipe tucked away because you will need it tomorrow


Friday Food Love!

Source Happy Halloween! In celebration of my favorite holiday, and to disctract you from the fact that I totally spaced on making Halloween recipe

Delicious spicy black bean burgers

Black Bean Burgers

So, I don't know if you remember when I was working on my weekly round-up of delicious food a few months back and went on a bit of a ramble about how

Easy pretzel-y pizza rolls | @cookiedesire

Pretzel-y Pizza Rolls

This past weekend, I was trying to perfect my puff pastry. It's one of those things I think is a simple enough process, but I always end up messing it